HOLD Automatic Panel Sizing Saw HP330G

Max cutting length           3180mm
Mechanical arm's running distance           3300mm
Max. Height of blade 100mm :( intelligent control)
Diameter of main saw                 400 x 4.4 / 3.2 x 75 x 72T x 15 / 105
Scoring saw blade 160 x 4.3 / 3.2 x 45 x 24T
Forward speed of saw carriage      5-100m/min
Backward speed of saw carriage 0-100m/min
Forward speed of mechanical grippers     0-100m/min
Backward speed of mechanical grippers 0-100m/min
Motor power of main saw shaft     18.5kw
Motor power of scoring saw shaft 2.2kw
Saw carriage servo motor 1.8kw
Feeding shaft motor 1.8kw
High pressure blower of air floating table   2.2kw
No. of mechanical arm    8pcs
Packing size 5400mm x 1350mm x 2170mm
4600mm x 920mm x 1000mm
Weight 5500kg
Minimum cutting size 70 x 700mm
Total power         26.5kw


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