Model   HB5KD
Drill axis distance   32mm
The number of horizontal drill   21x2
The number of vertical drill   (11+11)x3
Feeding motor power   1.5kw
Feeding frequency   20piece/min
Horizontal Drilling Power   2x1.5kw(Two groups of levels)
Vertical drilling power   2x1.1kw(Two sets of vertical)
Motor speed   2800rpm
Maximum vertical drilling depth   40mm
Maximum horizontal drilling depth   40mm
Minimum workpiece width (X axis)   350mm
Maximum workpiece width (X axis)   1400mm
Maximum working thickness (Z axis)   40mm
Workpiece length (Y axis)   40-280mm(Double workpiece)40-580mm(Single workpiece)
Dimensions   2750x2550x1700mm

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