Total power 14kw
Spindle power                 3kw x 2
Rotation speed 24000 rpm
X axis speed       85m/min
Y axis speed 60m/min
Z axis speed 30m/min
A axis speed       60m/min
V axis speed 60m/min
W axis speed 30m/min
Up vertical spindle 12 branch
Up horizontal spindle X direction – 2 x 2
Y direction – 2 x 2
Down vertical spindle 9 branch
Min width of workpiece 50mm
Max width of workpiece 1200mm
Min length of workpiece 180mm
Max length of workpiece 2400mm
Min thickness of workpiece 8mm
Max thickness of workpiece 50mm
Working voltage : Upper suction port – ø150mm
: Lower suction port – ø100mm
Size 5100 x 2510 x 1800mm
Weight 3500kg


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